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Bruce Meyers, creator of the original dune buggy, dies at 94

Bruce Meyers, who turned a simple hand-laid fiberglass body melded to a shortened Volkswagen chassis into a worldwide sensation known as the dune buggy,...

Pick of the Day: Dean Jeffries-built dune buggy

Edward “Dean” Jeffries is an icon in the collector car hobby. Neighbor to Indy racer Troy Ruttman. Painter of J.C. Agajanian’s racing cars, and...

Bruce Meyers, dune buggy creator, finally sells Meyers Manx business

Fifty-six years after rolling out his first hand-built Meyers Manx – the original dune buggy – Bruce Meyers is parting ways with the company...

Bruce Meyers, creator of the dune buggy, tells of free-spirited life

“Everybody wants to break the law a little bit,” he says during New York Auto Show appearance

Dune buggy as modern art: LA art auction has one for sale

A 1969 Bounty Hunter dune buggy will be offered as a modern-art object by a Los Angeles art-auction company.

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