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Meet the Maverick, and this one is neither a TV gambler nor a Ford

You likely know Bret and Bart Maverick from the 1957-62 television series, and you might have flown a Maverick helicopter from Las Vegas to...

Amelia or Bust! Road rally route takes us from Northeast to northeast Florida

This was a 4-day trek from the Northeast US to the northeast coast of Florida, arriving just in time for the start of festivities there.

Festival of the Unexceptional returns in late July

Although the setting is the historic 16-century Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire, UK, the cars expected July 31 for the 7th Hagerty Festival of the...

Shadows should bring smiles to those at Amelia Island

Don Nichols’ Shadows were among the most dramatically designed vehicles in American motorsports history, and a special grouping of the radical racers will be...

Hispano-Suiza announced as a featured marque for Amelia Island

Hispano-Suiza will be the “honored classic” marque at the 26th Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, scheduled for March 23 near Jacksonville, Florida. “The Spanish-Swiss marque was...

Laguna’s loss is Motown’s gain: McGrane new CEO at M1 Concourse

Laguna Seca’s loss is the M1 Concourse’s gain with the up-and-coming Michigan motorsports and collector car center announcing Tim McGrane as its new chief...

‘Weird & Wonderful’ class at Amelia figures to be, well, weird and wonderful

Concours d’elegance live up to their name by featuring some of the most elegant cars ever built. But what makes such events fun is...

Retromobile, Greenwich concours already postponed for 2021

Arizona Auction Week isn’t the only big event early in 2021 that’s already being moved because of the coronavirus pandemic. Retromobile, the huge collector...

Hilton Head concours lands the second Legends of the Autobahn show

Among the featured events each summer during Monterey Car Week is a gathering of German vehicles at the Legends of the Autobahn show. In...

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