Cultivating a second source of natural rubber

Believe it or not, while tires are produced in factories, where some 200 components are mixed and enfolded layered and cooked and...

Winter’s coming: Are your tires ready for snow and ice?

I could almost hear Will Robbins smiling at the other end of our telephone conversation. I’d just shared the story of how...
1936 White bus

Vintage Yellowstone tour bus going back to work

When the Montage Hotel opens in 2021 at Big Sky, Montana, guests will be shuttled in historic style in a 1936 White...
Corvette C8.R

Chevrolet says racing success validates use of 3D-printed parts

Our recent report on Hagerty’s biennial survey of interest in collector vehicles revealed many things, among them the fact that members of...

Low air pressure can cause tire failure, damage and possibly, crashes

Just about every driver knows that tires need to be checked periodically for proper inflation.  Yet studies show that a significant percentage...
2 tires

I only need 2 new tires. But where should I put them?

Ideally, you buy tires four at a time. They wear as you drive and tens of thousands of miles later you buy...
Coker Tire

Looking for tires for your collector car?

With apologies to the writers of the jingle in the old TV commercial, but when you think about tires for classic cars,...

Video of the Day: The tire retreading process

Founded in 1957 in Muscatine, Iowa, Bandag became the most well-known tire retreading company, and late in 2006 was acquired by Bridgestone...
Michelin Corvette

Do tires really matter? Aren’t they just big, black, rubber donuts?

A few years ago, billboards along the freeways I drove daily carried advertisements promising “4 tires for $99.” Friends...

Video of the Day: How tires are produced

Discovery UK presents a 5-minute video on how tires for cars and trucks are produced.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLwsoM3WnuQ