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Pick of the Day: 1948 Triumph 5T Speed Twin motorcycle, a British icon

While many would-be collectors are priced out of the classic car market for highly desirable examples, there are still great vintage motorcycles that are...

Video of the Day: British sports car history from 1950s through the ’60s

The Video of the Day, entitled Magnificent Machines, takes a deep dive into the glorious history of British sports cars during the 1950s and...

Pick of the Day: 1980 Triumph TR8, when they finally got it right

The mid-1970s were a difficult time for the British sports car industry. Every company building cars in the U.K. were experiencing serious financial and...

Pick of the Day: 1961 Triumph TR3

I love Triumph Roadsters! There. I said it. To own an old British car requires a certain amount of patience. There’s the Prince of Darkness,...

Mother Mueller: Two generations

There are many racing dynasties, made up of passion and drive that span generations. Once the bug hits, it’s hard to shake – even more so...

Pick of the Day: 1976 Triumph TR6 with low mileage and roadster flair

The Triumph TR6 was a notable high point for small sports cars from the U.K., a handsome and powerful roadster that put some modern...

Triumph motorcycles used by British military team heading to auction

Founded in 1927, White Helmets riders thrilled audiences for decades

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