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For 2020, famed Japanese car show has gone virtual

The Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS), like so many other car-culture events held during the 2020 season, will take place online in a virtual...

Pick of the Day: 1983 Toyota Celica, in a ‘heavenly’ shade of blue

No conversation about Japanese classic cars is complete without a mention of the Toyota Celica.  The Celica nameplate, though retired since 2006, lived for...

Toyota to restart production of parts for the 2000GT sports car

Toyota will reproduce and sell parts for the 2000GT sports car through its Gazoo Racing division. Parts will be sold both in Toyota's home...

Featured listing: A Brilliant Diamond – 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser / Troop Carrier

This is one of only 460 Troop Carriers made during the entire production run of the J4 series in Portugal from 1979 to 1984 and one of only 60 1984 Toyota Land Cruisers produced in 1984.

Clean original 1985 Toyota pickup

The Pick of the Day is a 4X4 truck offered in rare preserved condition 

Watch the FJ Company restore a Toyota FJ40

Vintage SUVs are a big business right now

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