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Goodwood shares plans to revive the Revival

After being canceled in 2020 because of the global pandemic, Goodwood will revive the Goodwood Revival with several new features for the event scheduled...

Jaguar Classic plans new run of vintage C-types

Jaguar Classic will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the famed C-type with a limited run of new and hand-built copies of the 1950s sports...

British company producing 5 copies of Moss’ winning car

Paying $17,202 for a model car might seem an extravagance to most people, but that’s the price the Amalgam Collection has set on its...

Stirling Moss personal-item collection to be auctioned by Silverstone

Personal items that belonged to legendary British racing driver Stirling Moss, including a unique gold watch band that he wore for 38 years and...

Group plans to produce 6 Vanwall F1 continuation cars

Proclaiming that “The Vanwall name is too important to consign to history,” Iain Sanderson, managing director of Vanwall Group, announced that six continuation cars...

When Lotus and Moss changed F1 forever

It was May 29, 1960, that Stirling Moss and Lotus took Formula 1 in a new direction, Group Lotus says as it celebrates the...

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