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Tag: SSC Tuatara

SSC Tuatara sets land-speed record for production cars at 282.9 mph

There's a new speed king and its name is Tuatara. On Wednesday, SSC announced its customer-owned Tuatara supercar, driven by its owner Dr. Larry Caplin, set...

Doubts arise about recent record-speed run

Back in mid-October, we were among the news outlets reporting that the SSC Tuatara “hypercar” had exceeded 331 mph in a record-setting run  on...

331+ mph: SSC Tuatara hypercar claims production-car speed record

Richland, Washington-based hypercar maker SSC North America claims title to “fastest production vehicle” honors after its 1,750-horsepower Tuatara exceeded 331 mph on a 7-mile...

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