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Auburn Speedster strikes again as Worldwide reports top auction sales

Labor Day was a big weekend for Auburns in Auburn, with the two major auction companies holding sales in the Indiana burg reporting Auburn...

Pick of the Day: 1922 Ford Model T speedster built for driving fun

If you were a regular non-wealthy driver yearning for a sports car in the 1910s and ’20s, you pretty much had to build it...

RM Sotheby’s offers last Porsche 991 in online charity auction

Ordering stuff online has become a go-to activity for car people cooped up at home by pandemic fears.  RM Sotheby’s has announced another opportunity...

Brass Era cool, 1914 Ford Model T Speedster

While “speedster” is most-often associated with “bathtub” Porsche 356 roadsters of the 1950s, the term goes back to the Brass Era days of stripped-down...

The real deal: The Townes Speedster

The 11th time’s a charm, at least it was for Stan Townes. Eleven windscreens were used in the process of making this car, but...

New Porsche Speedster traces its roots to unadorned base model

With vintage 356 Speedsters soaring in value, the German sports car builder sets out to recapture the magic

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