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Lamborghini claims top-speed record — on frozen lake

You may recall that in the past year, Porsche has claimed a series of world records for such things as the slalom run, the...

Unique Citroën SM speed-record car, pickup and trailer in Gooding auction

Among the collector cars to be auctioned online during Gooding and Company’s Geared Online Scottsdale Edition are a matched set of streamlined oddities: a...

Doubts arise about recent record-speed run

Back in mid-October, we were among the news outlets reporting that the SSC Tuatara “hypercar” had exceeded 331 mph in a record-setting run  on...

Voxan unveils electric motorcycle for speed record attempt

As the movement toward the electrification was, so to speak, picking up steam, car designers said they looked forward to exploring the freedom in...

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