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Tag: Porsche 918 Spyder

Most expensive car options, no this isn’t an April Fools’ joke

In a recent article by Goodwood Road & Racing, Goodwood hunted down a few extravagant car addons to answer the question: “what are the...

Putnam Leasing offers the ultimate Porsche trio package

Putnam Leasing, a luxury car leasing firm in the US known for helping people get behind the wheel of their dream cars, announces a...

Video of the Day: Porsche 959, 918 in Brumos Collection explored

The Video of the Day takes us inside the fabulous Brumos Collection in Jacksonville, Florida, with the latest installment of the Inside the 59...

Barrett-Jackson Countdown: 918 Porsche Spyder the most advanced hybrid

The second vehicle in the 30-day Countdown to Barrett-Jackson’s 47th annual Scottsdale auction.

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