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Poll: Spouses not much involved in collector car hobby

Poll indicates casual interest most common response

Children show little interest in old cars

Only 18 percent responding to poll say the youngsters have much interest in collector cars

A unique color is top choice for street rod paint scheme

New question asks about Collector Car Appreciation Day activities

Poll shows Corvette, Cobra are favorites

According to our poll, they tie for first, and finish far ahead of the Viper

Land Cruiser beats Land Rover and domestics in poll

Toyota is people’s choice for a cross-country off-road adventure

Detroit muscle is readers’ choice, poll says

More than 42 percent say money no object, they want muscle car

Old-fashioned cleaning for classic cars

Poll shows more than 70 percent use bucket and sponge

What’s the future of ‘electra-mods’?

More than 64 percent responding to recent poll reject electric power for vintage vehicles

Vintage race cars should be shown and driven

Weekly poll respondents have their say

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