Tags Muscle Month 2018

Tag: Muscle Month 2018

Will the muscle car go extinct or flourish in a changing world?

Is there room in a more fuel-conscious and technology-driven world for raw horsepower?

Dodge Hellcat balances over-the-top American muscle, practicality

Who thought a 707-horsepower car could actually make daily sense?

Buick led a short-lived muscle car renaissance in the ’70s and ’80s

Buick breathed some life back into muscle cars, but the movement didn't hold as much air this time around

Muscle cars, European-style

Besides Shelby Cobra and Sunbeam Tiger, a number of overseas brands installed American V8s into their cars for strong, reliable performance

Mercedes muscle: When Porsche helped turn an E-Class sedan into a hot rod

Some 30 years ago, the automakers worked together to produce the 500E

Fast rarity 2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Firehawk convertible

The Pick of the Day is a standout collectible muscle car, a low-mileage original described as being in pristine condition

How the Pontiac GTO initiated the heyday of muscle cars in America

Pontiac changed the rules when it created the GTO and ushered in the glory days of muscle

Street sleeper 1965 Ford Fairlane

The Pick of the Day is a high-performance runner with a stock appearance

What if the Bandit’s Trans Am was red instead of black?

The Pick of the Day provides the answer with what seems to be a clean, all-original Pontiac

Better late than never: How Chevrolet changed V8 engines

Chevrolet may have been late to the 8-cylinder engine, but once it got there, it did so in a big and long-lasting way

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