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Alfa Romeo museum features ‘Seahorses’ exhibit

“Seahorses” is the title of a new exhibition at the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, Italy, where the focus is on watercraft powered by...

Rooftop experience: Exhibit celebrates Lingotto’s history

“Lingotto Vive & Revive, quand’era una fabbrica” (Lingotto Lives & Relives, When it was a factory) is the theme of an exhibition at the...

Pennsylvania museum celebrates turnpike’s 75th anniversary

As early as 1910, there were suggestions to convert an abandoned rail route into a motorway that would allow motorcars to travel across the...

Group plans to open ‘Graffiti’ museum in Modesto by June 2021

Long before he took us to a galaxy far, far away, George Lucas was growing up in Modesto, the modestly named (Modesto is Spanish...

Like Elvis, the Mercedes has left the building

Like Elvis, the 1904 Mercedes Simplex 60 has left the building, and while the King of rock ’n’ roll had put on some weight,...

Video of the Day: Drones fly through Mercedes museum

As part of the preparation for its recent re-opening, the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart allowed filmmakers Daniel Wagner and Andre Jung from minidrone.studio to...

AMG, Dillinger featured at museums, Corvette track launches ‘Heap’ races

New ‘King of the Heap’ racing series open to inexpensive cars

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