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Tag: Mario Andretti

An Indy institution is retiring

Yes, there were Colin Chapman and other British car builders with their revolutionary rear-engine racing machines, driven to victory in the Indianapolis 500 by...

Feature Film: The Racing Scene

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdiqOEZpR0Y After James Garner starred in the 1966 John Frankenheimer epic, Grand Prix, like many other actors before and after him, he caught the racing...

Zoom-Zoom! 1994 Mazda Spec-Miata race car

In the 21st Century, channeling your inner Jackie Stewart, Mario Andretti or Brian Redman is much easier than in the past. Track days, club...

Highlights from the 76th Goodwood Members’ Meeting

In other news, Mario’s anniversary celebrated in Phoenix and book showcases historic racing liveries

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