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Cadillac unveils Blackwing tandem with 6-speed manual transmissions

Don’t panic. General Motors has yet to kill off the internal combustion engine or the manual transmission. Despite GM’s recently announced plans to go...

Mitsubishi says 2021 Mirage hatchback starts at $14,295

Has Mitsubishi discovered a real version of the Wayback Machine used by Mr. Peabody and Sherman to explore history on a regular segment of...

Cadillac will revive manual gearbox in 2022 Blackwing models

Saying that two-thirds of American adults already known how to drive with a manual transmission, “and more are interested in learning,” Cadillac has announced...

New Tremec TKX 5-speed gearbox ready for installation

American Powertrain has announced the availability of the newest Tremec manual transmission, the TKX, a 5-speed unit designed for classic muscle cars and custom...

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