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Landspeed Collection honors British speed-record racer George Eyston

Rolls-Royce has launched its latest collection series of Wraith and Dawn Black Badge vehicles as the Landspeed Collection celebrating records set by George Eyston...

Porsche claims another obscure world speed record

Well, folks, Porsche has done it again, set a Guinness World Record in a category no one knew about, nor seemingly had an interest...

Bookshelf: Sharing the flavor of the Salt (Flats)

Though printed in black and white, the photograph shows a rainbow arching over a dark stripe that bisects the flat white landscape and extends...

Jessi Combs named World’s Fastest Woman

Jessi Combs will always be remembered for her grit and ambition. Her dream was to be “The World’s Fastest Woman.” According to Guinness World...

Video of the Day: World’s most-beautiful speed-record car

In March 1929, the world-land-speed record was set by Henry Segrave and the Golden Arrow, a spectacular example of early aerodynamic design by Captain...

Mercedes museum showcases ‘completed’ T 80 speed car

World War II kept Hans Stuck from going for land speed record in Ferdinand Porsche’s sleek machine

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