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Like the first, second automotive revolution’s triggered by environment and health concerns

It wasn’t slick marketing campaigns or some exotic and newfound rate of travel, not even the electric starter or air conditioning, or even in-vehicle...

Driverless cars will race at Indy

The famed Borg-Warner Trophy features the images of every driver who has won the Indianapolis 500-mile auto race. But a new race is scheduled...

An Indy institution is retiring

Yes, there were Colin Chapman and other British car builders with their revolutionary rear-engine racing machines, driven to victory in the Indianapolis 500 by...

Thank you Mr. Penske

2020 has been a bizarre year. Ok, before you say, “Thank you, Captain Obvious,” realize that there are many things that we will never get...

Track Days: Miles Ahead: Why do a golf outing?

You only need one ball to play golf, it’s been said… For many decades, churches, corporations, charities have done the same old golf outing/rubber chicken dinner...

The Journal Podcast: Miles Ahead’s Ted Woerner

The most basic element for getting a feel for high performance or spirited driving is an arrive and drive autocross. Miles Ahead provides the...

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