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More than 200 Lamborghinis cruise Japan to celebrate Italian marque

For a day, part of Japan looked a lot more like Italy

‘Big’ Austin Healey 3000 BJ8 in low-mileage condition

The Pick of the Day is nice example of the burly British sports car

One of 14 Vector M12s produced to be on auction block

This is one of the stranger automotive cases

Jay Leno drives Touring Superleggera’s Maserati-based Sciadipersia

Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera is back to churning off beautiful one-off cars

French custom shop builds a sinister Lamborghini Espada hot rod

Hot rod culture is typically an American phenomenon but the French have tried their hand

Lamborghini motorsport squad builds a wild one-off Aventador

It's based on the Aventador SVJ, but this one-off car is a sight to see

Desirable early MGB roadster

The Pick of the Day is a nice example of the British sports car that was once an overwhelming favorite but never gained traction as a collector car

How one car led to my lifelong fascination with Acura

Some people are obsessed with Ford or Chevy. For me, it's all about Acura

Wunderbar! This collection of BMW legends is a must-see

This collection celebrates everything das auto

Younger generations show growing interest in classic Volkswagens

German marque is an attractive, low-cost vintage option

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