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Barrett-Jackson tops $105 million in delayed Scottsdale auction

Barrett-Jackson exceeded $105 million in sales, including $5.8 million for charity, during its Scottsdale auction last week, despite a two-month delay and restricted access...

Bright yellow Mil-Spec M1-R is an 800-hp go-anywhere, look-at-me off-road Hummer H1

Michigan-based off-road monster specialist Mil-Spec Automotive has unveiled what it calls its most ambitious build to date. The Mil-Spec M1-R is a heavily modified Hummer H1...

13 most desired extinct classic cars

Many of motoring’s most fantastic brands have passed into obscurity because the real world is unkind to dreamers,” says Budget Direct, Australian-based insurance company,...

The best 2020 Super Bowl car ads, so far…

Super Bowl time again! The OEMs, and many other products and services, grab expensive screen time for the estimated 100 Million viewers. The ads...

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