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Saturday Matinee: An Unsung Hero! The Full Story of Ken Miles

https://youtu.be/vyRuvpbLIdU Ken Miles was an interesting character, based on how he was portrayed in the blockbuster film Ford v. Ferrari. He was Shelby’s guy but...

Sunday Feature: Ford GT the Return to Le Mans

https://youtu.be/vYlEI46g2vU In 2016, Ford, with its redesigned GT supercar, returned to Le Mans to attempt a repeat of a storied feat 50 years prior. The...

Meet the reel stars of ‘Ford v Ferrari’

Asked to identify the stars of the Oscar-nominated film Ford v Ferrari, you’d likely respond with the names Christian Bale and Matt Damon. Indeed,...

Petersen Museum All-American Drive-in gathers many motorheads for mayhem in the morning

Overcast skies did little to deter lots of American muscle, including GT40 and Cobra movie cars, along with race cars and sports cars, from...

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