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Bookshelf: A British perspective on a historic American automobile

Did you know: — That in the early 1920s, Henry Ford tried to get Great Britain to switch to left-hand drive?  — That in 1914, Ford,...

Racheal’s favorite finds on AutoHunter

Each week, our editors pick their favorite cars up for auction on AutoHunter, the online collector car auction site driven by ClassicCars.com, and it’s...

Brumos known for Porsches, but museum restores a Bugatti

The new Brumos Collection in Jacksonville, Florida, may be primarily a Porsche museum, although not exclusively and thus the restoration by the museum’s workshop...

Pick of the Day: 1912 Ford Model T

For all his quirks, Henry Ford was a great American. He loved Americana. He gave the American middle class a new way to travel and...

Henry Ford – First drive anniversary

Imagine waking up in the early hours of the morning of June 4, 1896 to ungodly sputtering and clanging sounds coming in from the...

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