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Tag: Extreme E racing

Electric-powered off-road racing series opens with Rosberg X team victory

The new electric-powered Extreme E off-road racing series debuted April 3-4 with the Desert X Prix, where Johan Kristoffersson and Molly Taylor drove the...

Lotus going off-pavement with former F1 champion

Former Formula 1 driving champion Jensen Button’s JBXE Racing team has announced Lotus Engineering as its new partner for the team’s entry into Extreme...

Like the first, second automotive revolution’s triggered by environment and health concerns

It wasn’t slick marketing campaigns or some exotic and newfound rate of travel, not even the electric starter or air conditioning, or even in-vehicle...

Hispano Suiza will go racing, electrically and off-road

Recently resurrected as a luxury automaker, Hispano Suiza plans to launch a motorsports effort in 2021, but likely not in a series you’d expect...

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