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Tag: Drive Toward A Cure

New chronograph benefits battle against Parkinson’s

Car collectors are often watch collectors and also generous toward non-profit causes. One such cause, Drive Toward a Cure and its efforts against Parkinson’s...

Mini Miglia set for Creighton Farms

Did you know there’s an American arm of Italy’s 1000 Miglia, the Mille Miglia USA? It will be hosted for the second year by...

Drive Toward a Cure adds special drawing

Non-profit Drive Toward a Cure continues to showcase summer as the perfect time for driving with it’s “get out and drive” fundraiser. The organization...

Get off the couch and go drive, supporting a good cause

Drive Toward a Cure, a not-for-profit that supports research in Parkinson’s Disease within the car culture has announced a social media-based “Summer Drive” contest to encourage...

Petersen sets motorcycle, Porsche outlaw programs

Corvette museum’s race track offers laps for Drive Toward a Cure

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