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Tag: ClassicCars.com marketplace

Marketplace searchers know precisely what they want

People searching for cars on the ClassicCars.com Marketplace website know what they want, and what they want — for the most part — are...

ClassicCars.com ranked top collector marketplace in the world

The Collector Car Network, parent company of the ClassicCars.com Journal, continues to show impressive local growth in a rapidly changing collector car industry. It is...

Shoppers like the ’69 Mustang, but suddenly ignore vintage Broncos

Perhaps they were not quite tectonic shifts, but there were significant changes in what those shopping on the ClassicCars.com Marketplace were looking for in...

Mustang passes its parent in popularity with collector car shoppers

There was a new twist in the Ford vs. Chevy rivalry when it came to cars being searched during the month June on the...

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