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Toyota Tacoma refresh with Automotive Touchup

Toyotas from the 2000s seem to have an issue with retaining their clearcoat and color over the years. In extreme Arizona sun, my 2008...

How to pick the right restoration shop for your project

So, you already own or just bought a car that you want to restore. You have already read our first story on deciding to...

Dreaming of doing a restoration? Read this to avoid a nightmare

Let me set the stage. You are looking at the car you always dreamed of owning, let’s say, just for example, it is an...

September is Restoration and Customization Month

As we enter September, where under normal circumstances, it’s back to school time, the summer comes to a close with Labor Day, fall colors...

Restoring classic and vintage cars containing asbestos parts

You’ve finally found the classic car of your dreams. That Falcon Futura, a Corvette Stingray, the exact Shelby Mustang your dad had when you...

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