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Cleveland museum recalls car shopping 100 years ago

(Editor’s note: The Western Reserve Historical Society, which includes the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, recently published the following article in its newsletter and we’ve been...

Brumos known for Porsches, but museum restores a Bugatti

The new Brumos Collection in Jacksonville, Florida, may be primarily a Porsche museum, although not exclusively and thus the restoration by the museum’s workshop...

‘Detroit Style’ showcase at Motown art museum

“Detroit Style: Car Design in the Motor City, 1950-2020” is the title of an exhibition that runs from November 15 through June 27, 2021,...

Video of the Day: Porsche 959, 918 in Brumos Collection explored

The Video of the Day takes us inside the fabulous Brumos Collection in Jacksonville, Florida, with the latest installment of the Inside the 59...

Collector car community shows its generosity

Car collectors look to McPherson College in Kansas as a source for experts to care for their vehicles, as a source for hands-on training...

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