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Bookshelf: Sharing the flavor of the Salt (Flats)

Though printed in black and white, the photograph shows a rainbow arching over a dark stripe that bisects the flat white landscape and extends...

Craig Breedlove returns to the Salt Flats to break 600 mph record

Today’s video is the second vintage film about Craig Breedlove’s pursuit of land-speed records in his Spirit of America jet cars.  Yesterday, we saw...

Craig Breedlove’s dangerous pursuit of land-speed records at Bonneville

The name of Craig Breedlove immediately conjures up dramatic world land-speed-record runs on the wide expanse of the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.  Breedlove...

Challenger 2 speed-record streamliner on the Mecum docket for Kissimmee

The Mickey Thompson car was driven by his son, Danny Thompson, to a piston-power world record of nearly 450 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats

They came. They saw. But weather ruled at Bonneville

Salt turned to slush by rain restricted runs and speeds during so-called Speed Week

Utah approves funding to restore Bonneville Salt Flats

But $5 million appropriation is only a small fraction of what is needed

Ride along on a record-setting run at Bonneville

Note how much steering Danny Thompson does as he drive 446 mph

The annual August assault on the salt at Bonneville

This year, the salt was deep, flat, dry and hard at Bonneville -- ideal for speed trials, and record runs

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