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Italian coachbuilder turns Tesla Model S into a convertible

Ares Design, a styling house and coachbuilding company in Modena, Italy, has a client who wasn’t willing to wait for the next Tesla Roadster...

Here’s an Italian take on America’s sports car

Any guess as to identity of the car shown above?  OK, so it’s an Ares S1 Project Spyder, and the first barchetta design by the...

Petersen reveals schedule for virtual Car Week

The Petersen Automotive Museum has announced the schedule for Petersen Car Week, its virtual version of Monterey Car Week, the in-person event canceled this...

Ferrari loses trademark case over 250 GTO design

In 2019, an Italian court determined that the Ferrari 250 GTO was a work of art and could not be reproduced in kit-car form....

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