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Surprises (good and bad) we saw at Arizona Auction Week 2020

The recently completed Arizona Auction Week 2020 saw some weaknesses and also some surprising strengths in the collector car market. Prior to auction week, I...

Vault Portfolio sending 48 hot rods and customs to Barrett-Jackson

Vehicles will be offered for sale at three upcoming auctions

Bond market: But 007 not the only reason Aston Martins hold value

Why James Bond’s favorite brand has increased in value even as others have faltered

Barrett-Jackson countdown: 1937 Bentley 4 1/4-liter sedan

This is the 14th in a 30-day countdown to Barrett-Jackson’s annual Las Vegas collector car auction

‘Fast & Furious’ still driving some car prices nearly 20 years later

Some models from the film will fetch top dollar, but without modifications

Are collector cars a safer investment than stocks?

Statistical analysis suggest that tangible assets can be safer long-term investments

Head vs heart: Bull Market List focuses on emerging classics for fun and profit

Cars favored by Gen Xers and Millennials are poised for growth, according to Hagerty valuation experts

Can a classic car auction generate more income in a weekend than a new car dealership does in a year?

It’s a stunning statistic, and it’s true: Weekend sales at a major collector car auction exceed a full-year total at the average new-car dealership

Andy analyzes the 2017 Monterey Car Week auction marketplace

Our resident auction analyst provides perspective on what transpired during Monterey Car Week bidding

Pricey but dicey: Dr. Andy checks pulse of Monterey marketplace

It’s less than a week before the first hammer drops at the six collector car auctions taking place on the Monterey Peninsula.

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