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Fangio’s Mercedes-Benz W196 re-created in 1:8 scale

We’re not sure it will guarantee you honors in the Isolation Island Concours d’Elegance that our own Andy Reid has created on Facebook, but...

2022 F1 race cars available — as scale-model sculptures

In conjunction with the Formula 1 Group, British model makers at the Amalgam Collection, have unveiled the Formula 1 2022 concept sculpture, an aluminum-plated...

British company producing 5 copies of Moss’ winning car

Paying $17,202 for a model car might seem an extravagance to most people, but that’s the price the Amalgam Collection has set on its...

These scale models are not children’s toys

There were the AMT and Revell plastic cars models on which we, as kids, mushed glue and spilled paint and applied misaligned decals in...

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