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Tag: 2017 top stories

2017: The top stories of the year

Preservation and devastation marked the collector car world in 2017

2017 fires and floods destroy collector cars

Top-10 stories of 2017: No. 1 – Natural disasters

It’s concours decease in Arizona (and elsewhere, as well)

Top-10 stories of 2017: No. 2 — Concours chaos

Auction companies make big news, and moves, off the block

Top-10 stories of 2017: N0. 3 — The auction business

Brothers take top honors at Pebble Beach

Top-10 stories of 2017: No. 5 -- Bruce and John McCaw win big at Pebble Beach

Sports cars from 1950s and ’60s top another big Monterey auction week

Top-10 stories of 2017: No. 6 -- Monterey auctions

Las Vegas emerges as a major auction venue

Top-10 stories of 2017: No. 7 — It’s Vegas, baby!

Scottsdale auctions grow in number and in sales total in 2017

Top-10 stories of 2017: No. 10 — Scottsdale auctions

What were the top stories of 2017 for the collector car community?

Our annual recap begins today with some of the stories that just missed the top-10 list

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