• 1977 Jeep Cherokee Chief

    1977 Jeep Cherokee Chief1

    For the 1974 model year, Jeep launched a second version of what we now recognize as a full-size sport utility vehicle, the new Cherokee joining the Wagoneer.

  • 1977 Kinser Sprint Car

    1977 Kinser Sprint Car0

    The Pick of the Day is a 1977 Kinser Sprint Car that has seen its share of competition and would be perfect for when you want to drive down the road in a no-frills, questionably legal “retired” race car.

  • 1977 BMW 630CSI

    1977 BMW 630CSI1

    Following up on my ideal last week of cars that one could buy for around $10,000, the Pick of the Day is this one-owner 1977 BMW 630CSI for sale in Pasadena, California.

  • 1977 Ford Bronco Ranger

    1977 Ford Bronco Ranger4

    Time to come down to earth after all the top-drawer concours cars and lofty auction prices last week in Monterey. So let’s go four-wheeling!


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