Is your daily driver a future classic?

Photo courtesy of General Motors

Could the family sedan in your garage become a highly prized collectible classic a decade or so down the road? What about your late-model sports car or even pickup truck? Hey, anything can happen. How many people who bought ’57 Chevys expected them to become prized classics? And what would you give now for that Packard your great grandfather drove back in the 1930s?

Not every car is a future classic, of course, but we’re making educated predictions based on historical patterns, current fashion trends, assorted sales data and good ol’ guesstimation.

While we don’t recommend that you spend your life savings investing in our picks, we encourage you to have some fun debating the future potential for various vehicles.

The following table is a growing list of our picks so far.  We’ll add to it every time we post another one, so check back often.

VehicleDate ReviewedPrediction by
Oldsmobile AuroraDec 16, 2013Larry Edsall
Acura NSXDec 23, 2013Larry Edsall
Subaru WRX STIDec 30, 2013Larry Edsall
BMW Z3Jan 6, 2014Bob Golfen
More future classics coming soon!

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