A Nebraska family has gone viral online after creating the #SnowPony, a Ford Mustang made entirely from snow. | Nebraska State Patrol photo

Frozen asset: Family builds lifelike classic Ford Mustang out of snow

Patrolman’s posting on social media goes viral, now known as the #SnowPony
This Goodyear concept tire called the Aero would serve both as an airless tire and propeller for flying cars of the future. | Goodyear photos

Goodyear concept tires double as propellers for flying cars

They're just an idea now, but one day these could soar through the sky
If it gets enough public support -- and approved by Lego -- this Auto Union Type C race car could be the next Lego kit. | Lego Ideas photos

Help make this Auto Union Type C race car a Lego kit

Hopefully, we'll see this beautiful Auto Union in stores at some point

Assembly required: Lego rolling out 1967 Ford Mustang

1,470 pieces will need to be put together

Vintage VW camper van, but made of Lego blocks

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles group unveils Lego version at f.re.e leisure fair

Super Bowl opponents among NFL teams sharing names with vehicles

FCA produces Ram trucks, and also built Jeep Patriots
Want to stop playing "ketchup" with emails? Oscar Mayer is looking for a new Wienermobile driver. | Instagram photo/@oscarmayer

Oscar Mayer will pay you to drive the Wienermobile for a year

Perhaps the office life isn't cutting the mustard

How the Grinch stole history

A holiday poem from the Seal Cove Auto Museum
One day, the Hoonigan crew will have this race car bed running like a dream. | Screenshot

Hoonigan crew turns race car bed into a real car

This bed gives sweet dreams a whole new meaning

Goodwood offers two new driving experiences for 2019

Vintage racing, off-roading join the lineup at historic British estate