Future classics: The Hagerty Hot List

With so much attention focused on the record-breaking classic car sales and their rapidly increasing values, many enthusiasts often wonder which cars of today will be collectible down the road.

Future Classic: Nissan Skyline R32

The forbidden fruit of the future classics realm is now beckoning to be taken.

Future Classic: Tesla Roadster

Exotic styling. Limited production numbers. Breakthrough technology.
This artist's rendering teased the 2018 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet. | Ford Motor Company photo

Ford to release speedy 50th anniversary edition of Mustang Cobra Jet

Most powerful and quickest factory version to arrive later this year

Collectible minivans: Dream or nightmare?

“The five-speed was standard equipment, though very few customers did not opt for the three-speed automatic."

Lamborghini is recalling all 11 Centenarios in the US

Lamborghini Centenario owners have first-world problems

Future classic: Toyota Supra

Everybody down to the youngest of gearheads knows about the fourth generation Toyota Supra, primarily because of its many appearances in popular video games as well as the “The Fast and the Furious” film series.

Future classic: Mazda Miata celebrates 25 years

When the Mazda MX-5 Miata was unveiled at the 1989 Chicago Auto Show, it was nothing less than a revelation.

Future classic: 1965 426-Hemi Dodge, Plymouth

That’s the road, not the race track.

Future classic: Toyota FJ40

When we decided to launch a weekly series entitled “Future Classics,” one of the first vehicles on our list was the Toyota FJ40.