Analysis: Entry-level flexes muscles at Amelia Island auctions

The auctions at Amelia Island were very interesting to watch, with entry-level cars still seemingly on the rise market still pretty hot, though showing some signs that it is leveling a little.

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I attended the vintage motorcycle auctions last week in Las Vegas and saw that while some things are a bit softer than last year, it had more to do with the quality of the offering

Analysis: South Florida auctions show market’s pulse still strong

A month or so ago, the Wall Street Journal published what was basically an obituary for the classic car market, saying in a nutshell that classic cars were a dying market.

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It’s a stunning statistic, and it’s true: Weekend sales at a major collector car auction exceed a full-year total at the average new-car dealership

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Why James Bond’s favorite brand has increased in value even as others have faltered

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While the various Arizona Auction Week sales enjoyed some $251 million in transactions and an overall sell-through rate of more than 80 percent, there were a number of no-sale cars.

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Vehicles will be offered for sale at three upcoming auctions

A backhanded compliment for classic cars in Canada

‘Canadian driving club bans newer cars over safety concerns,” reads the headline on the autofocus.ca website report that the BMW Club Canada’s Trillium chapter in Toronto has banned.