Land Rover discovery: Original 4×4 found after 63 years

British automaker undertaking sympathetic restoration as part of its 70th anniversary celebration in 2018
GMC Desert Fox Sierra is a reboot 40 years in the making | ClassicCars

GMC Desert Fox Sierra concept truck is a retro off-roader

Built to tackle any terrain, the truck features a desert-tuned suspension and custom full under-body armor.
Pat tillman

Tour of Duty: Pat Tillman’s NFL rookie car will go to auction to help...

Tillman and teammate bought a 1968 Chevrolet Impala convertible with their rookie signing bonuses and the car, now restored, will be sold at Barrett-Jackson in 2019

A real gem, the ’Boucheron’ Bentley heads to auction

Car was ordered by famed French jeweler and remained in the family until 2001

SEMA Seen: Viper-powered 1962 Chrysler 300

‘Doris’ may look decrepit but watch out because she packs a punch
chip foose

SEMA Seen: Chip Foose’s P-32 hot rod

It’s more than a decade old, but certainly still worth a close look
house of kolor

SEMA Seen: Most kolorful kollection is House of Kolor’s

Jon Kosmoski was disappointed with the color on his hot rod back in ’50s, so he started his own paint company

SEMA Seen: You can see the Ringbrothers cars at this show, but not on...

Brothers like to build, and now there’s a dad-and-daughter project in the works, too
war veteran 1959 impala

SEMA Seen: Home from their wars, veterans build their dream cars

Hot rod and lowrider were projects after coming home from the wars
1963 amc rambler sema 2017

SEMA Seen: 1963 AMC Rambler American 440 station wagon

Mundane station wagon transformed into V8-powered, wildly fender-flared autocrossing monster