Kurtis-Kraft V8-60 Midget race car

The Pick of the Day is a genuine piece of American motorsports history, the kind of classic midget race car that once ruled small oval tracks in the style of scaled-down Indy roadsters.

1965 MGB roadster

When the talk turns to affordable classic sports cars, the first one considered is often the MGB, Britain’s most-successful roadster.

1952 Studebaker S2

What do Johnny Depp, Ray Liotta and a 1952 Studebaker S2 pickup truck have in common?

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS LS6 coupe

For GM muscle cars, when big-block technology and evocative styling joined up for a final blast down the quarter mile before emission controls and insurance rates ended the game on a high note.

1930 Ford Model A

Often a popular car to turn into a classic hot rod, the 1930 Ford Model A was created to help Ford maintain a strong presence in the market during a time when other cars began to be more affordable and practical.

2002 Panoz Esperante

I have always had a soft spot for limited production sports and GT cars. The most common of these are cars from Jensen, TVR, Peerless, Elva, Moretti and the like.

1974 Porsche 914 V8

A couple of weeks ago, the Pick of the Day was an interesting customized Chevrolet Corvair with a 350 Chevy V8 transplanted into its tail section.

1977 Jeep Cherokee Chief

For the 1974 model year, Jeep launched a second version of what we now recognize as a full-size sport utility vehicle, the new Cherokee joining the Wagoneer.

1934 Ford custom street rod

In honor of SEMA week, when the entire world of aftermarket automotive goodies crowds its way into Las Vegas, the Pick of the Day is a classic street rod.

1929 Duesenberg Replic

So I’m at the SEMA Show, while I enjoy it, I find myself craving the seemingly endless hoods, rolling fenders, sharp angles and detailed craftsmanship that make up classic Duesenbergs.