Watch this video of a 2JZ engine teardown and learn what makes the Toyota-made engine so tough. | Screenshot

Watch a 2JZ engine teardown and learn what makes it so tough

The video is pure zen for the mechanical types, so sit back and enjoy the teardown

Reborn Harley-Davidson watch to be sold at auction

Original 1920 pocket watch restored as a wristwatch, and its sale will benefit National Watch and Clock Museum

Woodworking company celebrates 90 years with vintage Chevy truck banks

Like the Chevrolet National AB, Woodcarft Supply launched in 1928

A little R&R can revitalize first-gen Corvette leaf springs

Eaton Detroit Spring offers re-temper and re-arch

Making Thunderbirds cooler than ever

68-year-old veteran patents automotive part designed in ASU engineering class

Mercedes offers original-spec Gullwing upholstery material

M-B Classics and original supplier bring back a checkered classic
Need a new body for your vintage Mini? Or MGB 5-speed gearing?

Need a new body for your vintage Mini? Or 5-speed gearing for an MGB?

British Motor Heritage and Motoring Classic offer a growing list of restoration parts

30,000 meters of thread

That’s what British craftsman Nick Allen uses each year in creating interiors for a Spanish automaker
FIVA master class part 2 what paint can do

FIVA Master Class: Paint at the molecular level

Why do car manufacturers bake a car after it’s painted? What is hardener, and what else does car paint contain? How is paint given...

FIVA offers Master Class on paint

The Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens is building a comprehensive resource of freely available expert technical advice for classic vehicle owners. “The aim is to provide...