GM Genuine Parts launches new 350 small-block V8 engines

General Motors has introduced an all-new 350 small-block engine designed for three generations of light- and heavy-duty trucks. Available...

Re-launch of Carroll Shelby wheel brand

Drake Automotive Group re-launches iconic wheel brand.
Need a new body for your vintage Mini? Or MGB 5-speed gearing?

Need a new body for your vintage Mini? Or 5-speed gearing for an MGB?

British Motor Heritage and Motoring Classic offer a growing list of restoration parts
The pushrod engine may be behind the times in terms of technology, but there are at least five good reasons why it continues to exist. | Screenshot

Five reasons why pushrod engines still exist

Why has the pushrod engine failed to die, especially when compared to dual-overhead camshaft setups?

Phone or car? 58 percent of those 16-24 would pick their vehicle

SEMA study belies conventional collector car idea when it comes to younger generation

Pirelli expands tire line for cars of the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s

Pirelli Collezione tires are designed to bring modern technology and materials to tires that look like original equipment

Ohio student awarded TechForce scholarship

Jonathon Miranda studies at Ohio Technical College

Honda to make new S2000 parts

Honda is unlikely to launch a new S2000, but the automaker is working to keep existing cars on the road longer. A...
Hyundai Soapbox

Gravity power motivates Hyundai’s newest design concept

When you were a kid, you might have built a soapbox derby-style downhill racer using roller skates, an orange crate and some...

Hagerty offers grants to small businesses suffering from the pandemic

Hagerty is riding — well, driving would be a more correct term — to the rescue of small, independently owned and operated...