The Laguna Seca Follies

For John Narigi, the new general manager of the Laguna Seca Recreation Area that includes WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, we must offer our most...

There’s really nothing new about this ‘gramping’ phenomena

There’s camping, traditionally done in a tent or perhaps in a pop-up trailer, or even in a fancy and exotically outfitted motorhome. And then...

The time my 14-year-old daughter kept me from spending the night in jail

“Dad,” said Abby, my 14-year-old and youngest daughter. “If you go to jail tonight, where am I going to go?” Ah, from the mouth of...

Detroit muscle is readers’ choice, poll says

More than 42 percent say money no object, they want muscle car

Yokohama revives historic designs for classic cars

Japanese tire manufacturer Yokohama is revising some of its old designs, but with new technology, for use on classic cars.  “Tire design and manufacturing techniques...

NASCAR reports FBI findings

NASCAR announced the results of an FBI investigation into allegations of a “noose” being hung in the garage of African-American driver, Bubba Wallace, over...

My 2020: Trips not taken, travel undone

Oh, the plans I had made for 2020! There was the annual drive back to Michigan, dropping of nearly two dozen boxes of automotive...
Automotive Design Porsche Mission E

Draw the Line: The men (and women) who would be king

Has the time finally come where automotive design professionals grab the top rung of the corporate ladder? Or, will they be happy with second prize - a box of crayons?

Poll shows Corvette, Cobra are favorites

According to our poll, they tie for first, and finish far ahead of the Viper

Buying a collector car during a pandemic is easy, when you do your homework

We are in a new age where if we want to buy a collector car, we might not be able to see it in...