Trans Am

Book Review: The Cars of Trans Am Racing 1966-1972

Oh, the mighty Trans-Am series. An all-out war of the factory pony cars from GM, Ford, Chrysler and AMC. Next to Can-Am in the...
Love of Cars

Livestream program provides a gathering place for car community

Considering that this could be a year for the car world “where we cannot be together,” McKeel Hagerty didn’t hesitate to provide a gathering...

The Journal Podcast: Building and testing the Ford GT with Rich Roback

This week we speak with Rich Roback, a builder and test driver on Ford's GT program. To celebrate their victories in international endurance racing,...

GM’s muscle cars voted the best

Weekly poll respondents pick their favorites

Great Roads: Arizona high-country and historic-town tour

Everybody who’s into driving (or riding) has a favorite road, usually some less-traveled stretch of curvy blacktop through a hunk of scenic countryside.  What I...
road trip

Electrifying news about the future of the road trip

I arrived at an interesting intersection a few days ago.  It began with the arrival of a news release from Electrify America, announcing the completion...
Chloe Chambers

I don’t understand the fuss about slalom-driving record

I’ve been busy lately, but was cleaning out my email inbox and came across a news release from Porsche Cars North America about 16-year-old...

‘Mickey Thompson: The Lost Story of the Original Speed King’

The name Mickey Thompson has mythical status. It’s a name that inspired so many to go fast. His name remains on many speed goodies...

The Journal Podcast: Laguna Seca follies: Narigi speaks

Earlier this month, we presented everything we had learned in regard to the management contract to the Laguna Seca Raceway awarded to A & D Narigi...
bronco prices

I don’t understand the prices being asked for old Ford Broncos

In mid-March, I wrote a commentary headlined “I don’t understand the need for driving gloves: Do people wear them just to look cool, or...