bronco prices

I don’t understand the prices being asked for old Ford Broncos

In mid-March, I wrote a commentary headlined “I don’t understand the need for driving gloves: Do people wear them just to look cool, or...

The Journal Podcast: SIM racing is the new spectator sport?

Our guest this week is Chris Considine, CEO and Founder of CXC Simulations in El Segundo, California. Big-time racing is postponed and or canceled everywhere....

Book Review: COPO Camaro, Chevelle & Nova

COPO was Chevrolet's special-order system used by dealers to build high-performance models in the 1960s despite a corporate racing ban. The COPO program was  originally...
teen drivers

Teens and cars: Speed thrills, but also kills

Other than the collector car auction and car show calendars, there seems to be no rhyme nor reason to the flow of news releases...
Donald Davidson

An Indy institution is retiring

Yes, there were Colin Chapman and other British car builders with their revolutionary rear-engine racing machines, driven to victory in the Indianapolis 500 by...

Heroes, yesterday and today

Larry Edsall, founding editor of the ClassicCars.com Journal, and I enjoy a mutual passion not only for the written word, but for motor racing...

The time my 14-year-old daughter kept me from spending the night in jail

“Dad,” said Abby, my 14-year-old and youngest daughter. “If you go to jail tonight, where am I going to go?” Ah, from the mouth of...
Automotive Design Porsche Mission E

Draw the Line: The men (and women) who would be king

Has the time finally come where automotive design professionals grab the top rung of the corporate ladder? Or, will they be happy with second prize - a box of crayons?
road trip

Electrifying news about the future of the road trip

I arrived at an interesting intersection a few days ago.  It began with the arrival of a news release from Electrify America, announcing the completion...
fox body

Book Review: Fox Body Mustang Restoration

I was never a Fox Body Mustang fan, per se. It certainly was a big improvement on the Mustang II, but it never made...