Benjafield club carries on in the spirit of the Bentley Boys

The Benjafield’s Racing Club annually gathers for a one-off event, themed based on the home local of the club member who is that year’s host.

Mercedes making original-spec new parts for pre-war S models

Restoring a pre-war Mercedes-Benz just got a little easier as Daimler AG has announced that its Mercedes-Benz Classic department will reproduce original-quality spare parts.

Mustang Club seeks world record at Indy celebration

The Mustang Club of America needs more than 766 cars to break the record for the “longest Ford Mustang parade,” and to dethrone the Mt. Hood Mustangs and Fords Club.

Anniversary celebrations set for Silverstone Classic

Britain’s Historic Sports Car Club celebrates its 50th anniversary with a 50-car parade July 31, the final day of the Silverstone Classic vintage racing weekend.

Could this be the start of the ultimate restoration project?

We are not the first to report that the good news is that the bad news is wrong.

Great Race teaching great lessons to high school students

For over 30 years, pre-1972 antique, vintage and collector cars have competed in the Great Race.

Radical Volks cruise to Tortilla Flats

On a cool January day, just after the start of the new year, 78 old and air-cooled Volkswagen bugs and busses made their way along the tight curves and mountain grads of the Arizona desert.

Classic patina at Cooks Auto Parts

You can see them from the road, parked nose-to-tail atop a berm in what appears to be a very large automobile salvage yard.

Vintage auto-show magazine draws us back to new cars of 1963

Surfing eBay one afternoon, I stumbled upon something that sparked my interest. It was a 52-year-old magazine, but one that brought memories rolling in like a fleet of wide-track Pontiacs.

Infinitum Classic Car Rally

Everybody dreams about going to Europe and driving the autobahn and the Alps, plus some of those amazing mountain passes in Italy.