The making of 'Le Mans,' and of its star Steve McQueen | ClassicCars.com

Family photos and freely told stories of the making of ‘Le Mans,’ and of...

Book provides insights into the King of Cool and the making of the movie
The legend, culture and passion of Alfa Romeo | ClassicCars.com Journal

The legend, culture and passion of Alfa Romeo

Book by the Alfa Registry shares the lore of the brand in luscious photos and insightful words
Danny McKeever sets book signing | ClassicCars.com Journal

Driving instructor to the stars sets book signing

Danny McKeever’s school prepares Hollywood stars for celebrity races
The Classic Car Auction Yearbook presents its annual pulse | ClassicCars

Yearbook presents its annual pulse of the collector car auction marketplace

Analysts point to buyers taking control, increase in no-reserve offerings, and a return to passion over profit
Autobooks-Aerobooks sets upcoming lineup for author signings

Burbank bookstore sets upcoming lineup for author signings

Saturday: Pre-war aviation mechanics, engineers and aircraft builders featured in Koonz’ book

How British sports cars helped save the country during and after the war

Book details not only the history of the automakers, but their roles in WW2 and its aftermath

Inside and insight: Shelby shop during the Venice Years

Photographer Dave Friedman was in the shop and at the races, and shares his images as well as words from others who were part of the team

Capturing the photos that capture our lives and our cars

Book and the exhibit it catalogs examine the relationship between people, their cars, and photography

A boy buys his dream car

I’ve been outvoted.

A welcome perspective on classic sports cars

Talk with car designers about their processes and one of the things they’ll mention is the importance of the plan view.