Bookshelf: The true Hollywood story of an empire built on a Hot Rod

The biography of a magazine, a magnate and a model
Bentley will release a book that weighs nearly 70 pounds to honor its 100th anniversary. | Bentley photo

Bentley marks 100 years with a book weighing 66 pounds

Next year marks Bentley's 100th year of operation and the brand revealed its first celebration plan
The Art Edition of Taschen's Ferrari art book will run a jaw-dropping $30,000. | Taschen photo

Ferrari book with signatures of Marchionne, Enzo’s son costs $30K

Ferrari owners tend to be a passionate bunch

Biography of America’s most audacious car

Pontiac Trans Am approaches its 50th anniversary

Tasmanian treasures: How one of the oldest surviving Fords ended up in an Australian...

Book tells how Francis Ransley built his car collection backward
Some of Berma-Shaves iconic signs line Route 66. | Larry Edsall photos

If you don’t know whose signs these are you can’t have driven very far...

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Car design explained in bite-size servings

Speed Read book series offers quick reads on automotive subjects

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Book chronicles the diverse drives of CSX2000, 2001 and 2002
Portrait of the artist who launched Porsche’s graphic image | ClassicCars

Portrait of the artist who launched Porsche’s graphic image

'Erich Strenger and Porsche: A Graphical Report' presents the history of the collaboration, lushly illustrated with his art and graphics

An almanac of automotive history

‘This Day in Automotive History’ shares significant and interesting events in the story of the car, and car people