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A bar with cars, and lots of them

M Bar in downtown Orlando serves cocktails, small plates and an amazing car collection

NYPD shows off its vintage patrol cars

As police department museum closes for the winter, cars go outside for a car showcase on Governor’s Island
One last ride Nash Ambassador

A dying wish for one last ride in a 1956 Nash Ambassador

One of his final wishes was to take a ride in his 1956 Nash Ambassador. With the help of his family and ClassicCars.com, Patrick McKay got his wish.
classic cars burned

Reduced to ashes: Classic cars burned in California fires add to the devastation

Among the many victims of the central California wildfires are those who lost beloved classic cars

Fires, floods again wreak havoc in the collector car community

2018 top-10 stories: No. 3 – Devastating blazes in California and hurricane damage in the Southeast destroyed lives and property
Instead of shipping it, Jody Reeme will drive this 1924 Dodge Brothers roadster from Oregon to Illinois. | Jody Reeme photo

Woman driving nearly all-original ’24 Dodge from Oregon to Illinois

Rather than shipping her latest purchase, Jody Reeme is hitting the road

Arizona Auction Week shows changes in collector car market

In generally flat results, sales of the new crop of classics stay strong as a new generation of enthusiasts gathers momentum

‘Car People’ ruin another car show

I used to love going to Cars and Coffee in Irvine, California. The operative words are “USED TO.” Before his death a few years...

Gale Halderman, designer of the Mustang 1933-2020

Gale Halderman, the original designer of the Ford Mustang, died April 29 near Dayton, Ohio. Halderman has suffered from liver cancer, according to his...

How the Chrysler Hemi Turned the Indianapolis 500 Establishment on its Head

The Meyer-Drake Offenhauser engine of the 1950s was robust, powerful and reliable. After all, the 252 ci. DOHC inline four-cylinder engine had...