Seventy of the Brabham BT62 race cars will be produced for sale | Brabham Automotive photos

Brabham is back on track with the unveiling of an all-new race car

The legendary Anglo-Australian company debuts its first motorsports product as it returns to manufacturing

Aston Martin celebrates 70 years of DB heritage

For Aston Martin, the most important set of initials isn't AM. Nor is it JB, but rather the two letters "D" and "B." 

McLaren makes 5,000th U.S. delivery

And each of them is considered a collectible supercar

DeLorean widow sues for royalties from ‘Back to the Future’ films

Payments from movie, merchandising gains have gone to the wrong people, lawsuit claims

Highly anticipated Ford Bronco revival set for 2020

Ford enthusiasts eager to hit the off-road trails in the new Bronco

1968 Corvette’s 50th anniversary to be honored at Carlisle

Also in concours and event news, indoors custom cars in Buffalo, a new concours weekend in Florida and misfit cars in Sonoma

Porsche Werks Reunion honors the outlaws among us

A special class of modified versions of the original 356 model highlights a day of sports and competition excellence

Ferrari could build more 250 GTOs

Chairman Sergio Marchionne tells magazine that a 'continuation' of the legendary race car might be in the offing
Lagonda returns as self-driving electric vehicle | ClassicCars.com Journal

Lagonda returns, but as self-driving electric vehicles

Aston Martin says Lagonda will be world’s first zero-emission luxury brand
Haval: the most valuable automaker on earth | ClassicCars.com Journal

The most valuable car company you’ve never heard of

And did you know that Harley-Davidson is worth more than Buick?