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Pick of the Day: 2004 Mercury Marauder

Giving in to the darkness can be a good thing


The Pick of the Day is a 2004 Mercury Marauder listed for sale on by a dealership in Florida.

The creative process can be frustrating, especially if you make a living selling your original ideas or products. Let’s face it: Sometimes the inspiration just isn’t there. Then there are times when the ideas just flow, and you “get in the zone.” The Ford Motor Company seems to have been in that sweet spot from 2003 until 2004. In those two model years, it brought back the Mustang Mach 1 with 305 horsepower and a shaker hood scoop and produced its own “Terminator” that was only lethal to the egos of human beings that got too bold in their Camaro SSs. Mercury even got in on the action by resurrecting the Marauder name for a performance-focused version of the final-generation Grand Marquis. 

To make the Marauder look sleek and menacing, they gave it a monochromatic exterior in a limited selection of colors. The 2004 model year brochure shows the palette only included Silver Birch Metallic, Dark Toreador Red Metallic, and, of course, Black, which covers our Pick of the Day’s bumpers, grille, body, and mirror caps. Even the headlights and this particular car’s aftermarket taillights are dark. All of that black makes the polish on the forged 18-inch wheels gleam even more.

Mercury used the same restraint on the inside. Whereas the 2004 Grand Marquis was available with three colors of cloth and five leather choices, the Marauder could only be configured with Light Flint or Dark Charcoal leather, as seen here. To keep the driver’s eyes (and right hand) focused on performance, Mercury installed a Marauder-specific set of gauges with satin aluminum dials, added a pair of AutoMeter oil pressure and voltage gauges below the climate controls, and swapped out the column shifter for one in the center console. At some point within the past 20 years and 78,917 miles, this Marauder received a Sony touchscreen head unit.

The Marauder’s sinister looks would just be a macho costume if they weren’t paired with increased power. Fortunately, the powertrain team at Mercury got their hands on the Mach 1’s DOHC 32-valve 4.6-liter V8, which pumps out 302 horsepower and 318 lb-ft of torque. They paired that with a four-speed automatic that has a reinforced 11.25-inch torque converter. To liven things up even more, they replaced the Grand Marquis’s conservative rear end with a 3.55:1 limited-slip differential. A previous owner of this Marauder personalized its performance with a K&N cold air intake system and a MagnaFlow dual exhaust system equipped with Borla S-Type resonators. The original exhaust tips, taillights, and radio will come with the purchase of the car, just in case a purist gets the keys to it next. 

To deal with the additional power up front, the performance handling suspension was upgraded with a mix of standard and available Grand Marquis components as well as special hardware. At the factory, the independent Short- and Long-Arm front end was equipped with coilovers, Tokico monotube shocks, and a 28-millimeter stabilizer bar. The live rear axle was given a four-bar linkage, a PrecisionTrac Watt’s linkage, load-leveling air springs with outboard monotube shocks, and a 21-millimeter stabilizer bar. 

FoMoCo was on a roll when it released the Marauder, but that roll didn’t go far. According to Hagerty, Mercury only produced 3,214 Marauders for 2004. The number of those in roadworthy condition will only decrease as time passes. This era-ending performance sedan is ready to go on more drives with the person willing to pay $25,995 for it. 

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Derek Shiekhi
Derek Shiekhi
Derek Shiekhi is the Editor and Lead Writer at’s sister site He was previously a freelance automotive writer who won numerous awards from the Texas Auto Writers Association for his coverage of events and vehicle reviews. He has been lucky enough to drive Lamborghinis on a track, go off-roading over sand dunes in a Land Rover Discovery, haul a BMW M Roadster with a Ford F-450 Limited, and perform several 55-mph jumps in the Ram 1500 TRX. These days, he’s learning a lot of interesting facts about the vintage and collector vehicles auctioned on Auto Hunter.



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