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Interesting Finds: 1967 Shelby King Cobra

Len Terry's Can Am vision


ClassicCars TV heads back in time to discuss the Shelby King Cobra. Emerging in 1963 from Carroll Shelby’s relentless pursuit of performance, the King Cobra was designed to dominate the Can-Am Series. It originated with a Cooper-based Ford small-block, but its development was paused as Shelby focused on the GT40 program. Post-Le Mans victory, Shelby enlisted Len Terry to craft an advanced chassis with an innovative suspension system and an experimental Ford big-block.

Despite its potential, the King Cobra’s journey was marred by delays, mechanical issues, and accidents, leading to its decline as Ford withdrew support. After years of obscurity, chassis #3 car was resurrected by Steve Johns, reviving the legend and showcasing it at the 2024 Arizona Concours d’Elegance.

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